Happy Hour @ Joy Burgers

Joy Burgers 8560 W Desert Inn Rd Suite #D5, Las Vegas, NV

Get ready to hop into the happiest hour of the week with NAAAP Las Vegas x Joy Burgers Happy Hour! Grab your friends and come on down to enjoy some delicious appetizers and burger/drink specials. […]

Masterclass Workshop: Storytelling with Confidence

Echo Wealth Partners LLC Office 8930 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 390, Las Vegas, NV

🚀 Ready to level up your public speaking skills? Whether you're presenting to peers or clients, pitching ideas, or leading meetings, mastering storytelling can elevate your influence. Embrace your authenticity and lean into your strengths […]

Women in NAAAP March Brunch

Get ready to indulge in some classic brunch delights at one of our favorite spots this month! Because let's face it, when something's that good, why not go back for seconds? Come hang out with […]